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tim coggins

Tim Coggins is a music artist and producer. Growing up in the picturesque Blue Mountains outside of Sydney, Tim learned to appreciate music at a very young age. His parents, who built and repaired mechanical music instruments, triggered an interest in classical piano, electronics and automation. Moving to Sydney, he discovered and worked with a diverse variety of ensembles, jazz, hiphop, noise and 20th century music while studying improvisation at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Encouraged by this background in jazz improvisation as well as a obsession for synthesisers, Tim creates music which is an amalgam of touching melodic fragments and organic textures that grasp for the sublime. The juxtaposed acoustic and electronic elements indulge the listener with stirring energies, while mutating patterns, overlapping cyclic rhythms, and weightless harmonies propel them on a sensory odyssey.

His new solo project, which materialised after frequent travelling between Europe and Australia, could be considered as electronic chamber music. It prominently features improvisation with an unusual combination of piano and modular synthesiser. This unification of old and new, brings both instruments into new contexts, allowing the piano to sound almost mechanical and the synthesiser almost human.

Tim is also a talented producer, audio and mixing engineer who stands on a vast knowledge of acoustic and electronic sounds. His fascination with electronics and signal processing allow for creative sound design results in a unique edge for each artist. While in Sydney, he spends his time working at Parliament Studios as well performing with the progressive soul group Baldwins, world music horn ensemble Lyre Byrdland and improvised electronic duo Arkonomy.


patterns in the noise

Inspired by Voltaire’s interstellar voyage, Patterns in the Noise (2016) is an exploration into the human mind. In a 30 minute journey which seeks universal truths, this work blurs the space between beauty and chaos, synthetic and organic, questions and answers.

Is no one inspired by our present picture of the universe? This value of science remains unsung by singers, you are reduced to hearing not a song or poem, but an evening lecture about it. This is not yet a scientific age. – Richard Feynman

Released October 20, 2016

Tim Coggins – piano, keyboards, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet, programming, electronics
Blain Cunneen – guitar (track 2, 6, 8)
David Reglar – tenor saxophone (track 8)
Justin Buckingham – flute (track 8)

Produced by Tim Coggins and Nathaniel Sjarif
Mixed by Nathaniel Sjarif at Jungle (Parliament) Studios
Mastered by Darren Ziesing


audio production

As a producer, Tim is able to undertake a number of roles: musical composition, pre production, performance, sound design, tracking, editing, mixing and project management. He operates from Parliament Studios in the inner west of Sydney. You can find an overview of the services available by clicking below:


  • Pre production (saves you a lot of time and money!)
  • Tracking all instruments including large ensembles and drums
  • Additional parts and layers
  • Session musician (keyboards, brass, bass)
  • Organise other session musicians
  • Sound design
  • Audio editing
  • Mixing
  • Working with Pro Tools and Ableton


  • Songwriting
  • Finishing your songs!
  • Complete music composition with your lyrics
  • Refinement of melody, harmony, rhythm and lyrics
  • Electronic and traditional production
  • Tracking all instruments including large ensembles and drums
  • Session musician (keyboards, brass, bass)
  • Organise other session musicians
  • Sound design
  • Audio editing
  • Mixing
  • Working with Pro Tools and Ableton


  • Specialises in mixing musical content to a stereo mixdown
  • Competitive loudness and punch
  • Cleaning and editing audio
  • Sound design
  • Mixing professional and home made recordings
  • Attended and unattended sessions available
  • .WAV stems, Pro Tools sessions or Ableton session files


  • Music composition for film and multimedia works
  • Electronic and traditional compositional approaches
  • Synthesiser programming including modular synthesis
  • String and horn arrangements
  • MIDI programming
  • Music preparation with Sibelius
  • Algorithmic and interactive composition





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