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tim coggins

Tim Coggins is a Artist, Music Producer and Audio Engineer from Sydney, Australia

A graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Tim has a strong background in jazz, classical, pop and electronic music. He is based at Parliament Studios in Leichhardt (Sydney’s inner west).

Tim is a producer whose focus is on capturing a song to a recorded medium in the most vivid, energetic and unique way possible. As an artist himself, Tim understands the need to refine a song or performance while keeping that special element which makes it human.

A natural performer on trombone, piano and electronics; Tim is also involved in the improvised music scene of Sydney and is a contributing member of the groups: Arkonomy, Monochrome Freedom, Baldwins and Lyre Byrdland.


patterns in the noise

Inspired by Voltaire’s interstellar voyage, Patterns in the noise is an exploration into the human mind. A 30 minute journey through self categorisation, this sonic artwork bridges the space between electronic and acoustic music.

Is no one inspired by our present picture of the universe? This value of science remains unsung by singers, you are reduced to hearing not a song or poem, but an evening lecture about it. This is not yet a scientific age. – Richard Feynman

Released October 20, 2016

Tim Coggins – piano, keyboards, bass, drums, trombone, trumpet, programming, electronics
Blain Cunneen – guitar (track 2, 6, 8)
David Reglar – tenor saxophone (track 8)
Justin Buckingham – flute (track 8)

Produced by Tim Coggins and Nathaniel Sjarif
Mixed by Nathaniel Sjarif at Jungle (Parliament) Studios
Mastered by Darren Ziesing


audio production

As a producer, Tim is able to undertake a number of roles: musical composition, pre production, performance, sound design, tracking, editing, mixing and project management.

Composition and Pre Production

  • beat making
  • missing parts
  • pre production is important to get right since you cant change many aspects of the song later on!

Arguably the most important part of music production, in this stage I like to focus on song itself. Arrangement, instrumentation, tempo, key, melody, harmony and rhythmic elements are all looked at, discussed and refined to create a cohesive track that flows.

I also help to complete unfinished songs. Writing additional parts, new section and, horn/string arrangements at this stage of production helps direct the following stages and saves time during tracking. If session musicians are being used, I also prepare sheet music to save valuable studio time.

Performance and Sound Design

Tim believes that character is usually more important than what is technically correct.


Sound design is crucial element for a song to stand out. With a vast knowledge of synthesis, sampling, pedals, studio effects and audio manipulation techniques, Tim is able to create almost any sound from any other sound.

  • I have a lot of experience with acoustic and electronic instruments
  • I can play
  • access to sydney best musicians if needed
  • MIDI programming and performance
  • synthesis
  • I dont use presets, design things giving uniqueness
  • instruments

Tracking, Editing and Mixing

  • work from parliament studios in leichhardt
  • work in pro tools
  • I like to track with commitments to sound design, eg FX, changing instruments etc,
  • experience recording drums, horns, piano, keyboards, voice, guitars etc
  • editing: i can edit to perfection, leave everything organic or anything inbetween
  • editing: cleaning up unwanted sounds
  • i dont do mastering (but can recommend)
  • professional level mixes that are comparable

Project Managment

  • organising session musicians
  • planning
  • budgets



contact me

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email me:

timcoggins @ gmail . com

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